about me


TL;DR: developer. visionary. philomath. A dedicated software developer, hungry to change the way the world works by means of leadership, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. His biggest project is a website, a database for school documents with over 500k views. After winning a hackathon, he was selected to be a finalist at the Next 36, the top entrepreneurship program in Canada. He has successfully advocated for hackathons to become part of curriculum. He hosts weekly code meetups where he helps people start on their own projects or suggests ideas to build. He is motivated by his passion for the environment and was part of a group urging his school to divest from Fossil Fuels.


An engineer at heart, a lover of technology, who still understands when it's not necessary. Tries to solve problems with code, but prefers to use existing programs and code when possible.


Extremely passionate, thirsty for positive change, great for consulting of validity and expansion of ideas. Has a vision for the future of things. A starter of movements.


A lover of learning. Detail-oriented. Amazing at finding existing solutions to problems online. Wide range of practical knowledge, but not a fan of trivia. Frequent DIYer.